Our How & Why

Nicole - Sole Owner/Co-Founder

In 2015, my sister and I started Urban Upcycle as we saw there was a gap in the market for this type of operation in the Geelong area.  Having previously worked in the waste and recycling industry, I dealt with a broad range of businesses in the Geelong and surrounding areas on a daily basis.  Being an Account Manager, it was my job to understand and solve workplace waste issues, coming up with positive, cost effective solutions.  From my experiences, I came to understand the strong emphasis that businesses nowadays place on providing environmentally friendly work practices.  With this in mind, I consistently and passionately encouraged the most environmentally sustainable solutions.  Unfortunately for some, the only solution was landfill and it pained me to say the words, 'it can't be recycled and will need to go to in your general waste bin'.  

This is where Urban Upcycle comes in!  I am absolutely ecstatic that we can offer this exciting waste reduction solution to assist businesses in their endeavours to provide sustainable practices. Businesses can also take comfort in knowing that all items to be reused and repurposed will be done so locally, in Geelong!


Angela - Co-Founder

Being a mother of an exceptionally “craft mad” 5 year old, this seemed like a great way to increase our stock supplies in another venue other than my home!  I’m a secondary teacher by trade and understand the importance of allowing children to think freely without restriction when feeling creative.  Giving children the opportunity to experiment with a variety of materials and discovering an alternative use for an object is what Urban Upcycle is all about.  Being creative, exploring a variety of materials, discovering a new use for something and enjoying the process of making is not only fun but helps children to express themselves and communicate with those around them. In 2018, Angela handed sole ownership over to Nicole although you'll still see Angela helping out here and there!




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