At Urban Upcycle, we believe it is imperative that we educate our children as best we can to help preserve the one and only Earth that we have. As adults, parents, teachers & role models, it is our responsibility to help pave the way to a happy, healthy & sustainable future for the children of today.

We offer a fun and engaging school/kindergarten program where we can facilitate an upcycled crafting experience for your students at your school/kindergarten.

A standard Urban Upcycle program of 1 to 1.5 hours depending on capabilities and time frames, generally consists of the following:

  • Introduction and welcome

  • Discussion with children about what actually happens when we throw something 'away' and the repercussions of sending waste to landfill. We discuss how we can reduce the production of waste through practicing many of the sustainability Rs, such as RETHINK, REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, REPURPOSE. Depending on how the children engage, determines the direction of the discussion.

  • We then look at some examples of creations which have been made completely of repurposed items to help inspire the children for their very own masterpieces.

  • For the bulk of the session, the children will then be provided the opportunity to use the generous supply of clean and repurposed craft items to get completely creative. Tip - Prior to our visits, some educators like to have their students draw & plan the creations as part of the process, which often results in some outstanding creations!

  • Glue sticks, masking & sticky tapes, scissors and where appropriate, hot glue guns (for adult use only) are also supplied to use for construction.

  • The crafting component of the session concludes with everyone involved in a group pack up & tidy of the workspace.

  • If there is time, we hold a very brief show & tell by a selected few students and then a take home message is given.  

To request a quote for an incursion, please email us with the following details - suburb, amount of sessions required, number of children per session & session duration,

To request an incursion booking, please complete the incursion booking form and return via email to 



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